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winter2013_atre_square_logo“Why a Real Estate Newspaper?”

Yes, I’m a social media junkie too, but have you seen a paper filled with everything Real Estate??  AND is delivered directly to Real Estate, Mortgage & Title offices?? And really, we still like to  read a paper at the coffee shop, or while getting a pedicure, or sitting in a waiting room. When  home buyers are hunting for homes, they can take the paper with them as they drive around  looking through neighborhoods, if you have a listing in the paper, hopefully they come see  yours.

More reasons?

Readers may need a Realtor or a Mortgage Broker and see your ad in the paper. When they need a home inspection, they grab the paper and choose a few to call. A buyer just bought a house that needs work, they are at the title company waiting to sign, the paper is in the waiting area and they see your contractor ad. Realtors: When you place an ad for your listings, it will stand out and your sellers will love it. Use the newspaper as another marketing tool at your listing appointments. When you place an ad for yourself, it will be seen by tons of people who may be in the market to buy or sell. What a better place to have your ad….right next to a list of houses for sale! Everyone Else: Your ad will be seen by 100’s of Realtors and Mortgage Brokers who get the paper delivered straight into their office mailbox monthly. Who do buyers and sellers ask for recommendations from?

REALTORS! & MORTGAGE BROKERS! We are strategic about how and where we put the papers. We want them to be seen, looked at and taken home for future resources. All Things Real Estate is wherever a free newspaper can be.

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Tracey Hicks – Owner/Founder

Tracey Hicks


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