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Kelley has loved magazines since before she could read, and has been creating them for about that long. She was born and raised in the Northwest, moved to Portland after surviving Y2K, and never looked back. She knows the city, particularly Portland’s Eastside, and brings this knowledge and experience into every facet of her business. She honed her skills as one of the editors of NW Kids Magazine, having spent the last 6 years getting to know every square inch of family friendly Portland. As a Realtor®, Kelley loves helping people find their place, negotiating deals, and wants clients to feel she’s doing whatever it takes to meet their needs in the home buying and selling process.

A graduate of Portland State University where she studied writing and publishing, Kelley is inspired by art, architecture, real estate, travel, music, food, finding good deals, and anything designed during the midcentury era. If she had a bumper sticker on her car it would read, “I heart wood,” or “I’ve seen Bigfoot.” Kelley lives with her sweet family in NE Portland. And on days when she’s not touring homes with the brokers at Portland Digs Real Estate, helping clients or filling the pages of ATRE, she can be found exploring Oregon through the eyes of her daughter, dreaming about Airstream trailers and planning her next big vacation.

Beth grew up in Eastern Washington and spent the better part of her early years playing gin rummy and enjoying the scenic highways and byways of the Northwest from the top of a camper. At the age of 25, Beth bought her first home and has been hooked on real estate ever since. She has had the pleasure of living in every quadrant of stumptown; buying homes in three of them, and has watched this sleepy little town of roses turn into a vibrant and bustling city.

Organized with a keen eye for details, Beth brings together years of experience in small business and nonprofits to the table. As a magazine editor and realtor (the dream combination), she has been able to combine her creative side and love of all things “home” with her love of helping others and couldn’t be happier. She takes pride in doing good work if you ask her, she’ll always say the glass is half full. When she’s not working, Beth enjoys spending time with her 6 and 8 year-old daughters, perusing the magazine aisle at the grocery store, exploring Portland area neighborhoods and parks, and daydreaming about the next issue of All Things Real Estate Magazine. If she had it her way, every day would start with a strong cup of coffee and a parade.






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