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All Things Real Estate Magazine, or ATRE, is a monthly print publication for buyers, sellers, homeowners and industry professionals. As Portland’s only Real Estate Magazine, ATRE provides valuable information about what’s happening in the Portland Real Estate market. Editorial content includes features about up and coming neighborhoods, market trends, industry news, events, and resources of all kinds for buyers, sellers and homeowners. ATRE is perfect for out of town buyers who need a little help understanding Portland culture, and for Portlanders looking to buy, sell or simply learn more about what’s happening in our city. There are endless opportunities for readers to discover what makes Portland such an amazing place to live and why so many people are buying Real Estate here. ATRE explores the possibilities.







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Even though I am not in the real estate field, I find “All things Real Estate” very informative on various subjects. It covers a wealth of information for the home owner and keeps you current on your community activities. Keep up the good work!! – Judie Sherk

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